CA Lic. 321720 A • B • C-36 • C-27
Plumbing & General Engineering
Ph. (650)348-2598
Fax (650)348-3570

Sewer Lateral Testing, Repair, and Replacement • Drainage • Underground Plumbing

"Trenchless Method"

  • Video Inspection and Electronic locating
  • Sewer Backflow Valve Installation
  • Water Service Line Testing
  • Water Pressure Regulator Installation
  • Drainage/Sump Pump Systems, French Drains, Area Drains, Downspout and Gutter Drains, Patio Drains, Service and Installation

    J.D. Cesare Construction has been serving the needs of Hillsborough and Burlingame, as well as the rest of the Peninsula for over 30 years. We specialize in exterior underground plumbing, sewer testing, repair, and replacement. We also design and install drainage systems for your home. This underground plumbing specialty, with no landscape damage, is what we do best. We pay special attention to your landscape and strive to finish the job with no trace of our work. You can expect to get the results others just can't offer.


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